Find Your Deals for Alcohol Detoxification

Alcohol affects all organs and tissues negatively, but the liver suffers, first of all, which is responsible for removing toxins from the body. Her work slows down, and poisonous substances begin to accumulate, poisoning the life and health of a person.

Detoxification is your help in eliminating harmful substances. It allows you to quickly return to normal life, alleviate the state of “alcohol withdrawal”, but it is not an independent method of treatment for alcoholism. With the proper alcohol detox this is important.

Methods of detoxification

It should be noted that detoxification from alcohol is better under the supervision of a narcologist, in order to avoid adverse consequences.

With a high probability you will be assigned:

  • salt complexes intravenously for restoration of electrolytic balance of blood;
  • antihypoxants for saturation of cells with oxygen;
  • Hemodialysis for the prompt elimination of toxins;
  • hepatoprotectors to support liver function;

But if there is no way to get hospitalized, use the following tips for detoxifying the body from alcohol:

  • Activated carbon is an absolutely safe preparation for the body, however it is very effective in alcohol detoxification, as it has absorbent properties.
  • Vitamin complexes with a high content of potassium will not only help cope with the withdrawal syndrome, but also support the work of the heart.
  • Sedatives will reduce the degree of excitability of the nervous system, protect cells from destruction.
  • You can use folk methods of alcohol detoxification. Warm milk with honey will purify the blood from toxins, the leaves of parsley will accelerate the metabolism, the infusion of St. John’s wort, chamomile or dandelion will contribute to the speedy disposal of the body from poisons.


Do not forget about the need to consume large amounts of liquid during alcohol detoxification – drink non-carbonated water and herbal teas.

Detoxification of alcohol

  • Help your body cope with poisoning substances, and better and do not allow alcohol intoxication.
  • Most citizens no longer imagine rest without drinking spirits.
  • Their regular use several times a week is equated to an easy degree of alcoholism.
  • In a state of intoxication, a person is violated self-control, he becomes unrestrained and aggressive. The next day, suffering from alcoholism, is tormented by a hangover and a sense of shame. It is difficult for him to engage in mental and physical activities.

You can avoid unpleasant consequences if you know:

  • how to accelerate the recovery of the body;
  • what alcohol is quickly excreted;
  • Factors affecting the process of ethanol removal.

Alcohol withdrawal mechanism

Getting into the body, ethanol begins to be absorbed into the bloodstream and after 10-15 minutes it is already found in the blood. Then it spreads to all organs and tissues. Neutralization of a toxic substance occurs in the liver with the help of enzymes. As a result, ethanol breaks down into water and carbon dioxide. Unchanged, 10% of alcohol is excreted by the kidneys, lungs and skin.

After which alcoholic beverages, the recovery occurs more quickly?

The insidiousness of alcohol lies in the fact that at first the drinking person feels a rush of strength, and then – the weakness and fatigue. The presence of ethanol in the blood makes it difficult for ordinary work and makes it impossible to drive.