Expected Factoring Options that You Would Get

Finding the best factoring companies can sometimes be frustrating. Even though factoring has steadily gained in popularity in Germany over the last few decades and continues to develop positively, it has remained a niche product in the eyes of many managers until today. In the media, too, it has taken a back seat to more traditional financing instruments.

For this reason, it has remained difficult to distinguish different factoring companies from each other and to make the best choice for their own company. In the worst case, many even refrain entirely from factoring. That does not have to be. Let us now know to take the help of a factoring company.

Factoring: financing instrument

Even if the search for suitable factoring companies is not always easy, it definitely pays off. Factoring has earned its reputation as a number1 financing tool.

In detail, factoring offers:

  • A clear acceleration of the claim processing
  • The elimination of default risks
  • The saving of financing costs on loans
  • A discharge of the accounting department

The combination of these factors is currently unparalleled in the industry. No wonder, then, that factoring has long since overcome the reputation as an insider tip.

Factoring companies: function

Factoring companies play a key role in making full use of these aspects. This becomes immediately apparent if one looks more closely at the individual points:

  • Only if factoring firms really pay off the amount of the claim quickly will you profit from the acceleration of the process.
  • Only when factoring companies assume the full risk of default does the valuable increase in planning security result for you.
  • Only if you are granted a fair fee by the factoring companies, factoring is actually cheaper compared to standard forms of financing.
  • Only the so-called full-service factoring, which is not offered by all factoring companies, also the collection of the bill and the associated accounting is assumed.



Thus, the search for the best factoring companies can actually decide whether or not it is worth using the instrument in your business.


At the country, you can be sure of something. Our unique service package contains everything that makes factoring extremely valuable:

The companies will pay you the claim amount within 24-48 hours. So you can have incredibly fast on fresh capital. They assume the full risk of default on the receivables we buy. So you can plan calmly.The tariffs are very attractive compared to other factoring companies. This not only applies to large international conglomerates with huge claims amounts but also to small and medium-sized companies, with whom we even enjoy working together.

They only offer full service factoring. This means that your customer can look forward to a professional, efficient and comprehensive transaction – and you as well. All in all, this means more room in the head for the really important things in the company.If you value excellent conditions and best service, then your search for suitable factoring companies end. Just convince yourself of the service.